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Liquid Palisade v. Mess No More

Hey there! Today I have a review of Mini Mani Moo’s Mess No More product and a comparison to liquid palisade. Keep reading if this sounds like something you’re interested in!

First things first- I ordered 2 bottles of Mess No More in hopes of it being a great peel off base coat for me. Later on you’ll find out how well it worked. 

MY REVIEW (out of 5 stars):



How easily it is removed:🌟🌟



Overall, this product is pretty good but not as great as I had hoped. It worked amazingly well as a barrier and peeled off great but when I tried to use it as a peel off base coat, it’s clumped up under my polish and wouldn’t peel of. I’m actually pretty disappointed because I spent $25 on 2 bottles this product+shipping when I would much rather buy a backup of liquid palisade instead. Mess No More is really thin and doesn’t peel off to great. If you’re wondering why I like liquid palisade so much more, here you go


1. Same Packaging

2. Liquid Palisade’s brush is much thinner and it closer to a striped while Mess No More looks like an old lip gloss filled with liquid latex (see images)

3. Mess no more doesn’t smell nearly as terrible and liquid palisade 

4. Mess no more is much thinner than liquid palisade, making it harder to peel off

5. Liquid palisade is easily seen on the cuticle and nail (is easier to see where to grab) while Mess No More dries to a clear, shiny finish

6. One coat of liquid palisade is enough while I need 3 of Mess No More

7. Liquid Palisade costs about $22 while Mess No More costs $10

8. Accuracy (see image)

When I used liquid palisade and mess no more as barriers ON my nails to guide my French tips. As you can tell, liquid palisade was (in general) more accurate

So yeah, I may be a little biased because I just love liquid palisade, but this is my opinion. Hope this was helpful!




DIFFERENT Dimension Polish Winter 2014

I gladly present to you my swatches and reviews of the 2 polishes I purchased from DIFFERENT Dimension this winter. They are my first polishes from Missi, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

I purchased “Christmas at Tiffany’s” and “Ready, Set, Snow!”

First up is Ready, Set, Snow! 2 coats plus topcoat. I had seen all of these gorgeous swatches of this polish and I fell in love instantly. When I started painting, I must admit I was a little disappointed. The formula was not the easiest to work with, so I would not recommend it to beginners. Also, I did not know that it was kind of textured. Anyways, it looks pretty so I’m willing to overlook it’s flaws. Unicorn decal is from Vinyl Boutique. 

And next is Christmas at Tiffany’s. Wow. Just. Wow. This was the reason I even ordered! Two coats plus topcoat. To get the larger glitter on your nail, you might have to do some fishing but not that much. Charm is from Daily Charme. 

Well Missi, as a first time customer, I’m impressed and would definitely order from you again!

What do you think of the two colors? Would you order Ready, Set, Snow! Even though application isn’t the best?



Polish My Life Wine and Chocolate Collection

Yay! First blog post! Today I have some swatches and reviews of Shaneka’s Wine and Chocolate Collection which is made up of 4 absolutely divine crΓ¨mes, some of which have subtle shimmer. Overall, I am quite pleased with these polishes. Application is great and the polishes are self leveling. 2 are definite 2 coaters and there are 2 that could definitely be 1 coaters. 

MauvΓ© RosΓ©, one coat with HK Girl Topcoat (of course). This one has veeeeery subtle shimmer. Application was a little thicker than I would have hoped, but that’s what made it a one coater! This one is probably my least favorite, but I could see myself using it all the time!

Merlot Majic, 2 coats plus topcoat. I was a little surprised when I first painted one coat because it looked like it would be a 3 coater to me but then the second coat made it completely opaque! I love the shimmer in this polish- I think it looks a lot like a nights sky!

Milk Chocolate Goodies, almost 1 coat but I added another just to be safe ;). The picture makes this color look quite green when IRL it is a lot more grey. This polish is a must!

Coco Berry-two coats plus topcoat. Yeah yeah, I know it looks black but I promise it’s not! After 1 coat, I was stunned because in the bottle, this color looks like a chocolate brown but it was looking like a rich purple on my nail! After the second coat, though, it was the same as in the bottle but with strong purple undertones. Gorgeous!

As I said, I’m pretty impressed with this collection. Keep up the stellar work, Shaneka!

My favorite from the collection is probably Milk Chocolate Goodies because I have no colors like this and I must say I am in love!