Polish My Life Wine and Chocolate Collection

Yay! First blog post! Today I have some swatches and reviews of Shaneka’s Wine and Chocolate Collection which is made up of 4 absolutely divine crèmes, some of which have subtle shimmer. Overall, I am quite pleased with these polishes. Application is great and the polishes are self leveling. 2 are definite 2 coaters and there are 2 that could definitely be 1 coaters. 

Mauvé Rosé, one coat with HK Girl Topcoat (of course). This one has veeeeery subtle shimmer. Application was a little thicker than I would have hoped, but that’s what made it a one coater! This one is probably my least favorite, but I could see myself using it all the time!

Merlot Majic, 2 coats plus topcoat. I was a little surprised when I first painted one coat because it looked like it would be a 3 coater to me but then the second coat made it completely opaque! I love the shimmer in this polish- I think it looks a lot like a nights sky!

Milk Chocolate Goodies, almost 1 coat but I added another just to be safe ;). The picture makes this color look quite green when IRL it is a lot more grey. This polish is a must!

Coco Berry-two coats plus topcoat. Yeah yeah, I know it looks black but I promise it’s not! After 1 coat, I was stunned because in the bottle, this color looks like a chocolate brown but it was looking like a rich purple on my nail! After the second coat, though, it was the same as in the bottle but with strong purple undertones. Gorgeous!

As I said, I’m pretty impressed with this collection. Keep up the stellar work, Shaneka!

My favorite from the collection is probably Milk Chocolate Goodies because I have no colors like this and I must say I am in love!




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